Pink Ink Tattoos

Congratulations, you have discovered Pink Ink Tattoos. From traditional tattoo art to permanent make-up tattoos, from scar & wrinkle removal to areola reconstruction we use the latest tattoo equipment & technologies allowing our professional female tattoo artists to offer a modern and refreshingly different tattoo service. Founded by internationally trained tattoo artist Helen Porter our dare to be different upmarket tattooing ethos, attitude and approach sets us apart from the crowd, a fact that is reflected in the quality of our varied work:

Body Art Tattoos

Working with the latest binary rotary tattoo hand pieces as well as classical tattoo machines as appropriate we offer bespoke and totally unique tattoos designed for you. From new tattoos to adding to and evolving existing tattoos. From cover-up work to tattoo removal, when you think ink... think Pink!

Cosmetic Permanent Make-up

We offer permanent make-up tattooing in the form of eyebrows, eye liner, lip liner & re-shaping, lip colour, eyelids and beauty spots. How good are we? well you'll be pleased to know that Helen Porter is a leading trainer and consultant, teaching professional Permanent Make-up techniques, so you know you're in safe hands.

Scar & Wrinkle Reduction with MCA

MCA or Multitripanic Collagen Activation is a clinical tattoo technique used for scar removal, wrinkle reduction & pigmentation blending. Working with a number of prominent surgeons and leading companies in the field of surgical tattooing we offer areola reconstruction, cleft lip camouflage, and scar colouring as part of our post surgical care.

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This is a great chance to see tattooist in action and surround yourself with lots of tattoo related things, designs and tattoos!

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